Update Performance

Add Important Data to Accelerate your Development

Add your Clubs

If you are to improve your performance and realise your potential, it is important that you optimise your ability to use each of the clubs you choose to carry.

Adding your clubs to your profile will activate a variety of solutions that are designed to help you and your Pro single out and analyse poor performing clubs. Identifying exactly why a club is performing poorly and applying appropriate development solutions will help you optimise your performance.

Set Objectives

Performance development is a step by step process of improvement driven by the intent of completing a series of measurable and achievable objectives so that you may ultimately realise your potential.

Objectives add structure to your development that will help you ignore distractions, focus on the job at hand and motivate you to turn the future into reality. They also help you organise your time more efficiently and give you a measure of progress that will raise your self-confidence.

Add Scorecards

Performance analysis must be supported by regular performance data from the course.

By adding simple hole by hole scoring data to your profile you will update your On-Course Analysis solution which conveniently breaks this detail down. When combined with your Club Assessments, these important tee to green and putting results will act as the foundation for you to take action.

Assess Club Performance

Our club assessment solution is a subjective process that allows you to give an honest appraisal reflecting your ability to use each of your clubs.

This self-analysis approach is an efficient way to gather this important data and is designed to encourage you to take charge of implementing change.

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