Golf News

Regular golf news updates.

When appropriate, your Club Professional will release shop and club news updates keeping you abreast of developments at the club.

Additionally, my-pro will regularly release brand, industry and pro tour news informing you of the latest announcements from around the world.

Local Weather

An eye on the sky.

Our weather solution identifies your location and provides you with a five-day forecast, making it easier to know when to head to the course.

Message Service

Convenient communication.

Our quick and easy messaging service will give you a handy link to your Club Professional, enabling you to ask questions regarding your performance development or other golfing requirements at any time of the day.

Transfer Account

You may link your my-pro account to a different my-pro PGA Club Professional at any time.

There are a number of reasons as to why you may wish to transfer your profile to a different Club Professional. Regardless of the reason, our Transfer Account functionality will easily help you identify and link your profile to your new Club Professional. Your profile and all of your current performance data will be transferred allowing you to resume your development immediately with your new Club Pro.

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