Analyse Performance

Evaluate your On-Course Performance and Monitor Change

Handicap Tracker

Our handicap tracker displays how your handicap is trending in relation to your next objective.

This detail is designed to help you remain focussed and committed to reaching your next objective.

Stroke Averages

Our stroke averages table and graph indicate how your tee to green and on the green performances are trending in relation to each other.

Armed with this data you will clearly see which part of the course is impacting your scores and requires your attention.

Hole Averages

Our hole averages graph shows you your average number of shots tee to green and on the green for each par type.

This data helps you identify par types that may be causing scoring problems and highlights which discipline is the primary cause.

Scoring Distribution

Our scoring distribution graph highlights your average scores (Par’s, Bogey’s, Birdies etc.) for all holes played.

This data will enhance your course management and help you focus on making bogey your worst score for each hole you play.

Putt Distribution

Our putt distribution graph highlights the percentage of putts you take (1 putt, 2, putt, 3 putt etc.) for all holes played.

This data highlights putting consistency and should be used in conjunction with your putting average data to determine your ability on the green.

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